Friday, 17 June 2011

Record that Rocks

Hello and welcome to my second post:)

My record that rocks this time is called ‘Nightdiving’ by the Camden band Tribes they are an awesome new rock band from London. I first heard this band on Zane Lowe’s show on Radio One a couple of months ago and I loved them from the first listen, this song is a perfect summer chilling out song. They are in the same vein as bands like the Pixies, R.E.M. and T-Rex, so if that’s your scene check these guys out. They initially relied more on word of mouth than internet presence to attract fans but as their fan base grows they have become easier to find online.

Tribes also featured on NME’s 50 best new bands of 2011 list at number 11, I think 2011 is going to be a good year for this band and I can’t wait to hear more from them. And hopefully go to one of their gigs as it looks like they put on a fantastic show (and they’ve got some pretty hot band members!). I was gutted when their recent tour didn’t bring them to Leeds hopefully I’ll catch them next time round!

Anyway let me know what you think of this track if you liked it check out 'we were children' and if you’ve been lucky enough to see these guys live please let me know what you thought! x

In the eye of the beholder

It was a gorgeously sunny day in Yorkshire yesterday- a fairly rare occurrence! Anyway the sunny weather made me realise that my make up collection could do with a bit of an update with some more summery shades, particularly eyeshadow so my first summery make up purchase was this Rimmel eyeshadow in shade 160 ‘Punchy Taupe’:
I love the shade of this eyeshadow

This is a lovely shade for summer it’s a sparkly subtle pinky shade that would be cute with a summer outfit for a daytime look but could easily be glammed up for a night out by blending it with some bolder colours. The only thing I would say it that it is quite a subtle shade, this may be what you like if so this is a great eyeshadow for you but if you prefer punchier shades I might go for another colour. But I think overall this is a cute, wearable eyeshadow for summer. It cost £3.99 from Xtras.
Rating ***

I am addicted to nail polish and I can never resist an oppourtunity to expand my collection. This Rimmel lasting finish nail polish in Perfect Plum was my second purchase of the day:

This isn’t a particularly on trend shade with this summer focusing more on eye-popping brights and coral shades but this is a nice purple colour that gives great coverage and a gorgeous glossy finish and a good purple nail polish is always in! It’s also a more subtle shade for work- compared to the coral featured in my last post. Which is great since my ecclectic bright nail polish collection has been drawing a few raised eyebrows!

I’ve also got a pretty white summer dress and I think this nail polish will go well with the dress and complete the look well. All I need now is the sunshine:) This was £1.99 also from Xtras
Rating ****

If you’ve got a favourite new summer make up purchase I’d love to know!

Glad Rags

Although I ♥ the high street I do love a good Vintage or second hand shop for more unique pieces that I’m unlikely to see anyone else in on the street.
This Planet Hollywood T-shirt was a charity shop find:

I know that some people aren’t fans of charity shops and second hand stores and I can understand that but as a teenager on a limited budget with a passion for fashion I enjoy a good hunt through my local charity shops for a hidden gem and I think this top is great. I love statement T-shirts and I like the studded sparkly detail on this one a lot. It is quite a short top and it is quite tight around the neckline. But a pair of scissors and a sewing machine can easily fix the neckline and cropped tops are in this season! So I can’t wait to pair this top with a vest top and my skinnies or some high waisted shorts and best of all it was a baragin at only £1!

Returning to the high street I’m seriously lusting after this Urban Outfitters purse:

Tribal print is a major trend for this season, particularly for festival fashion and this flat purse is a great way to include the trend in your outfit. The only drawback with this purse is that it’s very thin so if I pull together the funds for it I might need to clear out my bulging purse but it’s so pretty I think it’s worth it! If you feel the same it’s £18 from Urban Outfitters.

Do you love second hand fashion too or are you strictly a high street shopper?

Tacky or Topnotch?

In this part of my blog I share something either beauty, fashion or music related (or totally random!) that I just can’t decide if it’s seriously tacky or so bad it’s good please let me know what you think!

This post I’m looking to the bum bag. They’ve been seen on the catwalk and celebs have been spotted wearing them but  are they cutting edge cool or best left on for those who rock the sandal and sock look?

Thanks for reading.
Love you! xox

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