Sunday, 26 June 2011

Festival Special:

In honour of Glastonbury weekend this is a festival special post!

Unfortunately I'm not going to any festivals this summer and I'm very jealous of all those festival goers so this post is for everyone who will be attending a festival this year or anyone who, like me, wishes they could be going but is stuck at home.

Record that Rocks

Coldplay have been a major force in British music for a decade and they have been headlining festivals for almost that long. Personally I must admit to being a little lukewarm towards them I find that a lot of their music fails to move me but that might be about to change... They have released a song from their forthcoming album and it really is made for festival and stadium audiences, 'Every teardrop is a waterfall' will sound fantastic played at full volume to a massive crowd.

This song manages to capture the wonderful festival feeling in 4 minutes and makes me super jealous of everyone who has tickets to a festival. So I dedicate this song to everyone who will be staying at home this summer: turn the music up, shut the world outside and pretend you are there too!

In the eye of the beholder

Camping and the infamous festival toilets don't exactly provide the ideal environment for a high maintenance look. But the lack of a decent bathroom doesn't have to stop you looking your best!

My first festival must have is a decent mascara. I always feel naked without it on and a quick sweep of a good mascara can do wonders for your look, by attracting attention to your eyes it helps draw attention away from any blemishes that a couple of days of late nights and camping can cause. My current favourite is Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black mascara. It's a good daily staple, not too heavy and it comes off very easily but if you like a bold, dramatic mascara this might not be the mascara for you. However I love it and I've used mine so much the label has come off and at £5.00 from Tesco its great value. 

Dry shampoo is my second festival essential. I was initially a bit wary of the idea of it but I spent a few months out in India earlier this year and because the showers there weren't always fantastic, dry shampoo became my saviour! I've been converted and now I absolutely love it; mine is Superdrug's own brand. It smells gorgeous and fruity and it works a treat. The 50ml can is £1.00 (The lid got lost somewhere between Delhi and Goa)

My final hot tip for festival beauty is wet wipes, not wanting to get too personal but these have a million uses and you can never have enough of them! These are from Primark there was two packets (50 wipes)  for £1.00. I liked these because they have tea tree oil in them, which is an antiseptic- great for keeping spots away and it smells great too!

Do you have any products that you can't do without? I'd love to know x

Glad Rags

Festival style is fairly simple to achieve there are three staples: demin, wellies and some cute, statement jewelery.

Mud, mud glorious mud! It wouldn't be a festival without it but it does mean that the only footwear to be seen is a pair of Wellies! Mine are the ordinary green boots on the right, they are fine for walking the dogs in winter but for festival fashion I love my sister's gorgeous purple Hunter wellies on the left! Hunters have been seen on fashion icons such as Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, so if you'll be sporting them this summer you'll be in good company!

Denim shorts are always a festival must have, personally I don't think I have the legs for them so I'm firmly glued into my skinnies, but if you can carry them off they are part of the ionic festival look seen on the likes of Kate Moss and Alex Chung. They are also practical as they dry much faster than jeans and they can keep you cool in the crowds- it can get surprisingly hot in the middle of all those people! But if like me you'd rather keep those pins covered skinny jeans look just as good with wellies or you can go for a denim skirt. I love the style of this girl from the Way Out West festival in Sweden:

(Picture is from

I think this girl's outfit is great, her denim pencil skirt is a good way of bringing denim into your festival wardrobe if you're not quite brave enough to go for the shorts! I had a hunt for a denim skirt like this one but I found it tough to find one that didn't have buttons- I love the simple design of hers if you know where to find one I'd love to know!

A cute piece of statement jewelry is a great way of bringing your outfit together and it can make it look like you've made an effort when really you've just rolled out of your sleeping bag. I saw this necklace on Meganheartmakeup's 'Summer Loves' video in gold and it was love at first sight! It's £5.65 from forever 21 and I think it's got a great tribal/ boho style that would look fantastic at a festival, or at a summer party!

Tacky or Topnotch

Camping at a festival obviously requires a tent and in the endless sea of tents in the campsite it's helpful to have one that stands out but is this tent so bad it's good or is it just plain embarassing? What do you think?

Thanks for reading
♥ you! xox