Monday, 20 June 2011

Exlovers, Lipcote, Wedges and Busted

Hi, and welcome to my third post! Thanks to all my lovely followers and everyone who is reading this ♥ you all!

Record that Rocks

This post my record that rocks is by a gorgeous band from London called Exlovers, I first saw them in Leeds about a month ago supporting Noah and the Whale at the Leeds met uni union. They set the scene brilliantly for what was a very chilled out gig and this song makes me relax every time I hear it I feel like I'm stretching out under the summer sun, that is unfortunately absent from Yorkshire at the moment!

They remind me a bit of Passion Pit and Two Door Cinema Club with a bit of Florence and the Machine thrown in so if you are into those kind of chilled out bands I'd give these guys a listen. If you liked this song try 'Blowing Kisses' and 'Photobooth'.

I'd love to know what you thought of my record that rocks! Comment below, drop me an email or let me know on Twitter ♥

In The Eye of the Beholder

I do have a tendency, at times, to be a bit slow, I'm usually the one who takes about 20 minutes longer than everyone else to get the punchline of a joke. So forgive me if you've already heard how awesome this product is (it has been around for 50 years!) but I've only just realised how great it is so this is for anyone else who, like me, is sometimes a bit slow to catch on!

Lipcote is a clear liquid that you paint onto your lips over your lipstick and it seals it, aiming to, protect it against wear throughout the day. It's not perfect, it does kind of dry your lips out but I wore it last week and my lipstick lasted all day, including lunch without re-applyinging once, in my opinion thats pretty miraculous! And at £3.19 from Superdrug it's a beautiful bargain.

My long treaured body shop perfume finally sprayed it's last fragrant puff earlier this week. While I loved my trusty Neroli Jasmine body mist, I felt it was time to invest in some proper perfume and I had been saving up for a while so I headed to Harvey Nichols. I have never bought anything from this shop before and it did feel very luxurious. I took me a long time to decide between Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Love by Chloe but I finally settled on Love.

It cost £39 for 30ml, it was the same price in Boots, it's an eau du parfum so it is a bit more expensive than an eau du toilette but it is also more concentrated so hopefully the fragrance will last longer. It's quite a subtle delicate perfume with a gorgeous floral fragrance with musky, woody hints. In my opinion everyone needs a bit of Love in their lives!

Do you have a new favourite perfume if you do please let me know what it is and why you ♥ it so much.

Glad Rags

Wedges are a major footwear trend for summer and I just had to invest in a pair:

I got these beauties about a month ago and I'm a little divided over them. They are a lovely powder pink colour, I like the cute little ankle strap and they are without a doubt much more comfortable to wear on a night out compared to my spiky stilletto heels. But are they to high? They have a massive wedge and I'm not sure if it's too much any opinions? They were around £20 from internationale.

Anyway wedges are undoubtly big this summer let me know if you've found your perfect pair!

My second fashion product is this vintage sheer blouse it was £8 from Blue Rinse a great vintage shop in Leeds.

This is a great wardrobe staple; it can be dressed up for the evening, dressed up for the day. It goes with everything and it's a gorgeous silky material and I love the little pocket detail. All I have to do now is stop myself from spilling anything down the front of it!

Tacky or Topnotch

One word: Busted.

Ok so these guys will never be cool but there is something undeniably loveable about cheeky James, naughty Matt and gorgeous Charlie that made up the threesome that was Busted. The question is whether it is acceptable to put a sneaky collection of their songs onto your iPod or would that be as bad as being discovered playing with barbies while eating tubby toast?

I'd love to know what you think.
Thanks for reading
Love you! xox


  1. I remember using Lipcote at school. I suffer from really dry lips so it's not at all suitable for me now. Glad to hear they still make it though!

    My favourite perfume of the moment is Agent Provocateur or Vivienne Westwood naughty alice they are both quite strong fragrances that only require one spray that lasts all day.

    I'm loving the pink wedges, I got some black one's from Stylist Pick for my June pick (if you have never heard of them there is a link on my blog)

    I'm 5'10 and once I slip a pair of heels on stand at over 6". My wedges are only 2" high max so perfect for day time use.

  2. oh wow! i want a lipcote! :D

    p.s. yay for your third post! :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. Madame Gourmand: I tried that naughty alice too and i was torn over it too it smells gorgeous:)

    Mimi: thanks, the only thing with lipcote is if you put on a strong colour (flamingo pink for example) with lipcote it'll never shift- as my sister discovered:) xxx