Friday, 17 June 2011

Big Sleep, Coconut oil, Crop tops and a Sailor Mug!

Hi, welcome to my first post! 

Record that Rocks

In this part of my blog I’m going to share a song or artist that I think rocks- fairly self explanatory really:) 
This week I’d like to show you a band called B I G  S L E E P. They are an awesome band from Manchester I saw then in October last year at the cockpit in Leeds supporting One Night Only. They put on a great show they were originally called drive like i do but they have changed their name. However they are very elusive as they are surprisingly hard to find online but rumour has it that they are planning to release a single soon so fingers crossed! I can’t wait to hear more from this fantastic band! 

This is a song called ghosts its one of there more recent singles. If you like it try some their other songs ‘chocolate’ and ‘sex’ they are both great tunes! (UPDATE- these guys have re-named for a third time to become The Slowdown)

I meant Record that Rocks to feature just one song but it seems that I can going to break my rules before my first post is even finished:) My friend recently sent me a link to the song ‘Another heart calls’ by All American Rejects and the Pierces it’s sweaty and sexy and everything a live performance should be and I love it to bits
so I just had to share it! Hope you love it too!

I’d love to hear what you thought of my Record(s) that Rock please let me know what you thought! xx

In the eye of the beholder

Superdrug’s new loyalty card was the perfect excuse for a splurge at my local store here’s a couple of my favourite purchases:


Coral is a major trend in nail polish this season and I like this Barry M shade, it’s quite reddish and I would maybe prefer a slightly more orange shade but it provides good coverage and it’s pretty hard wearing- which is always great! You can see by the amount that has been used out of this bottle that it has been popular with me and my sister so that was defiantly a good buy! 
Rating: ***

This is a product that I absolutely love its a solid coconut oil, the smell of coconut always reminds me of holidays and summer so the scent alone makes this my new favourite hair product! But more practically I’ve been growing my hair out and it getting quite long so I’ve been straightening it much more regularly that I had been and I’ve found that it’s making my hair quite dry and damaged- particularly at the ends and I wanted something to try and improve the situation. I put a bit of this oil on the ends of my hair a few hours before I wash it and it’s worked a treat! My hair is much smoother and softer and it smells like coconut- bonus:) It is quite hard to get the product out of the jar but if you shove it in the microwave for a few seconds it’s much easier and best of all it’s only a couple of pounds a jar- bargain! 
Rating ****

Have you found any products that you think are better that sliced bread? I’d love to hear about them:) xxx

Glad Rags

With the arrival of June me and some friends went for a shopping trip to update our wardrobes in preparation for a summer that will hopefully arrive soon!  So here is a sample of what I bought in Primark:

I love my river island black bag and it’s the perfect size for all my stuff but I found that it was a bit too heavy to wear with summer dresses so I needed an alternative to my black bag for the summer months and I love this cute little bag. The flower detailing is lovely and its big enough to fit my purse, phone and ipod in- which is great! And it was a steal at £4! It’d also be great for festival goers as you defiantly don’t want to have to drag a big bag around when you are in festival crowds:)

As you might be able to tell from the name of my blog I love swallows and I just couldn’t resist this pretty bird brooch, I adore brooches and badges and I think they can add a fantastic point of interest in an outfit and I think this cute little brooch will look great with some of my summer outfits.

Showing a bit of midriff is a big trend this season and crop tops and bra tops have been seen in loads of fashion magazines: (
and celebrities from Rhianna to Daisy Lowe have been spotted wearing them. But flashing inches of tummy may not be everyone’s cup of tea and this top is a great alternative. Its cut quite short so it reveals a bit of flesh but it’s loose style is flattering and it’s a great colour. I’ve seen similar tops in more expensive shops like Topshop and River Island but this one was just £5  and I’ve worn it on a night out with and on a shopping trip dressed down with my leather jacket and I’ve received several compliments. I love this top and I think its’s really easy to wear:) 
Are you a fan of flashing some tummy flesh or are you keeping it well hidden this summer? What do you think of the crop top trend? 

Tacky or Topnotch?

In this, final, section of my blog  I’d like your opinions on something music, beauty, fashion related(- or just something random) that I’ve found but I can’t quite decide if it’s really tacky or so bad its good:)
This is my latest find- 

I’ve started collecting bit and pieces of stuff to take to university with me in September when I found this sailor mug I kind of love it just because it’s so strange but what do you guys think? Should it come with me or should it stay at home with my S Club 7 Cds?
Thanks for reading I can’t wait to hear from you, Love you

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