Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Smiles ♥

Sunday can be a grim cocktail of a hangover from Saturday evening and the impending gloom of Monday morning, however it doesn't have to be this way! While I am unable to offer a better hangover cure than Berocca and a bacon sandwich, I do hope to bring a small smile to your Sunday, making the thought of Monday morning seem a little more bearable.

Give me shelter, or show me heart, Come on love, come on love, Watch me fall apart, watch me fall apart, 

And I’ll be yours to keep,

Ben Howard

Well I'm gonna dance like nobody's watchin, I'm gonna sing like no-one's listenin, I'm gonna kiss you like we're all alone, Cause this world is ours
The King Blues

We make it far too easy to believe, that true romance can't be achieved, these days
Arctic Monkeys 

All I want is the taste that your lips allow
Ed Sheeran

Thank you for reading my blog! Apologies for the very late short post today, I spent the weekend in Edinburgh for my friends birthday and I have just got back. It was a great weekend but I am beyond knackered and I am hanging like a pirate the morning after but I promise next week I'll be back to usual form! 

I hope your weekend rocked too, have a superb week!

This b-e-a-ut of a song made the journey back to Glasgow today feel a bit more manageable I hope it makes (what's left) of your Sunday a little bit more serene...



  1. Love these lyrics! So beautiful <3

    Ellen xx

  2. Beautiful pictures I love the first one! xx

  3. These pictures are stunning, I love them all so much :)
    Love those arctic monkeys lyrics!
    sounds like you had a great weekend :D
    <3 Holz oxo